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Blessed is she who has believed that what The Lord has said to her will be accomplished. • Luke 1:45

You may want to run and grow in your relationship with Christ, people may even criticize you for not “growing” in the way you should, but if you are in a season of just madly being in love with Him, or a season of sitting and resting at His feet; than so be it, Jesus is with you, that is all that matters.

- T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via tblaberge)

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a friendly reminder:
don’t hang out with people that make you feel bad about yourself

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A sure sign of the Holy Spirit’s working is that Christ is magnified- not people. When the Holy Spirit truly moves, God is the one praised. Jesus is the one lifted up. …Let’s pray that God would empower us so radically that we would get no glory. That people would see our works and glorify God.

- Francis Chan, Forgotten God (via breanna-lynn)

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